Floorball in Africa

Africa is the newest continent to embrace floorball. The charity Floorball for All / Unihockey für Strassenkinder (F4A) is running programs in many countries. This has enabled the sport to be introduced to people who otherwise wouldn't have heard of it. Kenya is one of the success stories for Floorball for All.

There are official floorball federations (IFF members) either being formed or already working in the following countries

Country IFF   F4A
Benin     F4A
Cameroon IFF    
Chad   In progress  
Djibouti     F4A
Guinea     F4A
Ivory Coast IFF    
Kenya IFF  In progress F4A
LIberia IFF In progress  
Nigeria IFF  In progress  
Malawi     F4A
Mozambique IFF   F4A
Republic of Central Africa   In progress  
Rwanda   In progress  
Somalia  IFF    
Sierra Leone IFF    
South Africa IFF    
Uganda IFF