Getting Started

Easy to play

You don’t have to be an expert to play Floorball. Anyone who knows how to use and hold a stick is able to learn the game. The rules are simple and easy to learn.

Easy to start 

As long as the right equipment is available you can start to play Floorball. You can start playing outdoors or indoors if you have at least four people to begin with.


To start a floorball team/club you will need floorball sticks. See the FloorballPlanet Kenya Shop, which has several team package options available.

Easy to modify

Floorball is easy to modify according to the space, facilities, number of people and equipment available. It can also be modified to suit disabled people and people in all age categories. Recreational games are often mixed featuring both male and female players, because floorball is skill-based.

Depending on the court size you can play 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 or full size game 5 vs 5. A basketball court is perfect for 4 vs 4 format even with goalies.

Goalies: Fully equipped floorball goalie does not have a stick. Goalie has knee pads, jersey, goalie pants and a helmet. If equipped goalie isn’t available, use a field player as a goalie. Field player goalie can play with a stick and pick up the ball in his/her hand as long as goalie stays inside goalie area. If you play without goalies, use smaller practice goals.

Finding a Place To Play

Finding the appropriate facilities is one of the primary tasks when creating the environment for a new sport.

Contacts can be made with local schools and/or sports clubs.

Private sport businesses should also be contacted to ensure more playing facilities. In case of difficulties when financing the facilities, local companies could be contacted to offer sponsorship. At the same time, employees from these companies could be provided with an introductory lesson and that way a new sport to play for their recreation. In this way, Floorball would also be promoted to working adults and not just the school community.

Finding Players

Host open doors event at a new potential game location. Do a demo game with existing players to spark interest among potential players. Demo games can be done even at a parking area by a local sports store. Just ask for permission to do that. Talk to schools!

Have flyers to offer basic information about floorball and how to join the game. Note, it is easier to invite new players if you already have scheduled consistent game time and date.

Find Helpers

Find active people to help you. Life happens so it is important to have a back up leader who can assist with running classes, washing pinnies, bringing sticks to the venue, manage goals, etc.

Venue Fees

Set up a process to collect game fees from players that are used to cover venue lease. Failure to collect funds from players can easily turn costly for you. This is a team sport, the leader is not responsible to cover costs from his/her own funds.