Floorball Federation of Kenya is setting up national, county and local leagues. See events for the times and places of the league games.

Kenya Floorball Super Tournament

The winners of the county leagues will meet in the finals tournament.

  • Men's Super Tournament
  • Women's Super Tournament
  • Men's Under 19 (MU19) Super Tournament

County Leagues

County leagues are arranged in counties as we get teams organized. First leagues are starting in Nairobi County.

  • Men's County League (MCL)
  • Women's County League (WCL)
  • Men's Secondary School League (MSSL)
  • Women's Secondary School League (WSSL)
  • Men's Primary School League (MPSL)
  • Women's Primary School League (WPSL)

Local Leagues

Local leagues are recreational competitions between company teams and informal teams. They are played in 3 vs. 3 format without a goalie, also known as "street floorball". Each team can have maximum 8 players. The playing time is 2 x 12 minutes. The size of the playing area is 65½ ft by 33 ft (20 x 10 metres) or slightly smaller than a basketball court, which is an ideal court for this competition. The size  of a goal is 2 ft by 1½ ft (60 x 45 cm).