There are a wealth of videos related to floorball including tutorials, equipment and training and match videos

IFF Floorball Channel 1

All kinds of introduction and technique videos from International Floorball Federation

IFF Floorball Channel 2

IFFLive is primarily used for live streaming during major events. It also features past international games.

Salming Floorball Academy

Lots of training videos about stick handling and game situations from one of the major floorball equipment suppliers. Also includes some goalie training videos.

Floorball Today

Videos from Swedish Super League

Floorball Introduction

A great 30-minute video introducing the basics of floorball

Floorball referee signals

All the signals referees use to tell what was the fault in the previous situation

How to regrip your stick


How to hook your blade

How to shorten your stick

How to change your blade

Stick handling techniques (in German)

Good set of training videos for practicing stick handling techniques 10 minutes a day